In 2019-20, Osler pushed the boundaries on enhancing its quality and safety practices to showcase to Accreditation Canada its ongoing commitment to quality excellence.

Reinforcing stellar quality and safety practices

At Osler, quality and safety are embedded in everything we do. And while we consider them to be a part of our DNA, we continuously seek ways to improve on both every day, so that we can consistently deliver the very best of who we are to our communities. It’s one of the many reasons we voluntarily take part in an Accreditation Canada survey every four years.

With Accreditation originally planned for October 2020 but now postponed due to COVID-19, we used 2019-20 as a time to review, evaluate and refresh our quality and safety practices across Osler – the policies, procedures and processes we have in place to support quality excellence in patient care, worklife experience, and governance. Quality is a key strategic priority in our 2019-24 Strategic Plan, Going Beyond for Healthier Communities.

"Accreditation isn’t just about evaluating the quality of our services against global standards of quality excellence," said Tiziana Rivera, Chief Nursing Executive & Associate Vice President, Quality. "It’s about taking pride in our efforts to excel at what we do to deliver our best in patient care."

Throughout the year, Osler engaged board members, leaders, staff, physicians, volunteers, community partners, patients and families in Accreditation preparations as all will be called upon to take part in some capacity with the survey. From education sessions and hands-on learning to self-assessment surveys and cultivating new ideas, Osler pulled out all the stops to support an approach to quality and safety that continues to make it a part of the natural way we do things every day.

"We also reinforced the infrastructure we have in place to support quality across every aspect of our operations at Osler, adding clarity and focus to our quality and safety practices," said Rivera. "When Accreditation Canada surveyors visit Osler virtually or otherwise, we’ll be ready."