In 2019-20, we travelled far beyond our borders to India and Pakistan through the Sun Life Osler Global Health Program, pushing the boundaries of care and learning to a global scale.

East meets West: Osler teams impact health care globally

For a fifth consecutive year, Osler physicians and staff travelled far beyond the hospital’s borders to India and Pakistan to improve health care abroad and at home through the Sun Life Osler Global Health Program.

In India, the focus was on diabetes prevention and care, while in Pakistan the focus was paediatric emergency medicine and diabetes. Osler serves a region with the highest prevalence of diabetes in Ontario and has one of the largest labour and delivery programs in the province.

"During this visit, the teams had the opportunity to build on the invaluable experiences and insights that were gathered from past years," said Kim Bellisimo, Osler’s Vice President of People and Organizational Development and Senior Leadership Lead for Team India. "We made further inroads in training and educating care providers and patients about diabetes prevention and care, as well as paediatric medicine."

In India, Osler partnered with Dayanand Medical College & Hospital and Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, both located in the Ludhiana District. While in Pakistan, Osler partnered with SINA Health Education & Welfare Trust and ChildLife Foundation in Karachi.

Generously funded by Sun Life since 2016, the Sun Life Osler Global Health Program is a partnership in the true sense of the work, meaning we gain as much as we give. Some of the many ways the Global Health Program positively impacts care at home include: strengthened expertise for developing new models of care; enriched awareness of how social determinants impact health; strengthened connection to professional and personal purpose and values; and more.

"While the region Osler serves is different from those we visited, there are many commonalities that we share and these provide us with opportunities to learn and teach effective health care service delivery methods and techniques." said Dr. Frank Martino, Osler's Interim President and CEO and Senior Leadership Lead for team Pakistan.